Vitamin C Shower Filter Comparison

It is well known fact that Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant. Vitamin C is also an effective dechlorinating agent when it reacts with chlorine and chloramines. Traditional carbon filters absorb and hold the chlorine with the filter which means that as they get older they will get less and less efficient. On the other hand, Vitamin C filters neutralize chlorine to produce non-toxic compounds which are then released to the water.

You can filter and sort the following table to find the best Vitamin C filter

Shower Filter
Contaminants Removed
Filter Life
Vitamin C Quantity
Customer Rating
Vitamin C Handheld Showerhead Chlorine Filter
SBH-104CRChlorine and Chloramine3000 gallonsChrome---3.9/5.0$099.00
Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower
SF-1Chlorine and Chloramine---White250 gram3.0/5.0$021.42
AromaC Sense Spa Shower Head
---Chlorine and Chloramine---Chrome3000 lemons3.5/5.0$044.10
Neutra-C Natural Chlorine Neutralize
NC1001SChlorine and Chloramine---Chrome3000 lemons4.0/5.0$034.95
Heaven Fresh Aroma Luxury Fixed Showerhead HF 501 with Vitamic C and Negative Ions
HF 501Chlorine and Chloramine10,000 litres.Chrome3000 lemons5.0/5.0$069.00
Rain Vitamin C Handheld Showerhead
SBH-116CRChlorine and Chloramine3000 gallonsChrome---5.0/5.0$079.00
Sonaki Vitamin C Lotus Showerhead
Lotus SBH-117Chlorine and Chloramine---Chrome---4.0/5.0$095.00
Shower Filter Handle With Vitamin C Catridge
SFWFChlorine and Chloramine10,000 litres.White------$035.95
Heaven Fresh Aroma Luxury Handheld Showerhead HF 507 with Vitamin C and Negative Ion
HF 507Chlorine and Chloramine10,000 litres.Chrome3000 lemons4.5/5.0$063.77
Sonaki Vitamin C Crystal Showerhead
SBH-118Chlorine and Chloramine---Chrome---3.5/5.0$129.00
AS-9000 Aroma Scenting Shower Head
AS-9000Chlorine and Chloramine---Chrome3000 lemons4.8/5.0$079.95
Vitamin C Handheld Shower with Easy Off Option in White
SBH-104(white)Chlorine and Chloramine3000 gallonsWhite---4.0/5.0$089.00
Aroma Sense Vitamin C Filter 3 in 1 Lemon
---Chlorine and Chloramine---Chrome3000 lemons5.0/5.0$031.99
AS-701 Aroma Scenting Shower Head
AS-701Chlorine and Chloramine---Chrome3,000 lemons4.8/5.0$085.00