Sprite HOB-CM High Output Brass Shower Head

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Chlorine is drying to both your hair and skin. Removing these harsh chemicals from your shower can make your hair more manageable and your skin softer. The Sprite HOB-CM High Output Brass Shower Head is also perfect for anyone with colored hair. As a bleaching agent, the chlorine in your water causes your hair color to fade fast.

  • Removes: 98.9% chlorine, rust water, sulfur smell, bad odors
  • Reduces: Free Chlorine, Iron Oxide, Chlorine Vapors, and scale build-up on tiles & glass
  • Balances the pH
  • Great on Color-Treated Hair
  • Helps Reduce Dandruff and Dry Hair and Skin
  • Filter Life: 1 year or 10,000 Gallons
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 177 Tested
  • Allows for Faster Water Temperature Adjustments
  • Holds 500% More KDF & Chlorgon Media than other Sprite Models
  • Fits any shower head!
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Comes with 1 Filter Cartridge


  • Removes 99% of the chlorine from your shower water.

  • Makes your skin soft and your hair silky.
  • Is effective at removing contaminants at a variety of water temperatures.
  • Prevents scale build-up in your shower making it easier for you to clean your shower tile.
  • Reversible shower filter which extends the life of the filter.
  • High flow rate to save you money on your water bill.
  • Easy to install and maintain.