Chlorine Shower Filter Comparison

Here is the Chlorine Shower Filter Comparison Guide many of you were asking:

You can compare the Chlorine Shower Filters in terms of Filter Media, Contaminants Removed, Filter Life, Color, Customer Rating and Price. You can sort the columns of the table, to find the filters based on price, customer rating, filter media etc.

Shower Filter
Filter Media
Contaminants Removed
Filter Life
Customer Rating
Sprite Cascade 5 Setting ACC5-CM Filtered Shower Head with SLC Cartridge Chrome
ACC5-CMChlorogon and KDFchlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide (which produce coloration), dirt and odors6 months or 15,000 gallonsChrome-$049.59
Sprite SFH5-CM Falls Hand Held Shower Chrome
SFH5-CMChlorogon and KDFChlorine Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Smell) Iron Oxide (Rust Water) Dust, Sediment Odors3 monthsChrome3.8/5.0$060.48
Sprite HO-WH-M Universal Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower Head, White
SL2-WH-RChlorgon Non-Carbon Mediachlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide (which produce coloration), dirt and odors12 monthsWhite4.3/5.0$023.99
New Market Naturals Royale Hand-Held/Head Massage Shower Filter White
SM 653 CGKDF technologyChlorine, Dirt & Odors6 monthsWhite4.2/5.0$049.95
Sprite Royale Deluxe Hand Held Chrome Chlorine Removing Shower Filte
HR5-CMChlorogon and KDFchlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide (which produce coloration), dirt and odors3 months or 3000 gallonsTriplen plated Chrome or White3.8/5.0$047.63
Sprite Shower Up Double with Matching 5 Setting Pan Shower Head
FXD-CM-P6Chlorogon and KDFRemoves Chlorine, water odors, rust, dirt & sediment3 months or 5000 gallonsChrome5.0/5.0$117.99
Sprite FXS-CMS3 Showerhead Extension Arm Flexible FlatHead, Chrome
FXS-CMS3Chlorogon and KDFchlorine, iron oxide (which produce coloration), dirt and odors3 monthsChrome/Nickel Finish4.1/5.0$076.28
Rainshower CQ-1000-DS Dechlorinating Shower Filter
CQ-1000-DSKDFchlorine and reduces lime scale buildup, mold, bacteria, algae, and fungi12 monthsWhite4.4/5.0$043.98
Sprite HM8-BN Pure Mist 8-Spray Functions Filtered Shower Handle -Brushed Nickel
HM8-BNChlorogon and non-carbon mediachlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt and odors3 months or 3000 gallonsBrushed nickel4.0/5.0$077.81